Andrew Chamberlain


Andrew Chamberlain is chief economist at Glassdoor. He is an applied labor economist who has written widely on labor markets, public policy, taxation and energy policy. Chamberlain previously taught economics at the University of California at San Diego, and was chief economist and founder of Columbia Economics LLC. He has served as an economist in Washington, D.C., at the Tax Foundation and the Cato Institute, and as a municipal government economist for the city of Seattle. Chamberlain received his doctorate in economics from the University of California at San Diego and holds bachelor’s degrees in economics and business administration from the University of Washington in Seattle.

My Sessions

The Data Behind Great Leadership

Ballroom Salon III

What makes a great leader? How about a great CEO? And how can human resources practitioners develop better leaders? Listen as Glassdoor’s Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain shares how he and his research team used data gleaned from the employer reviews website to identify today’s most important leadership characteristics. Specifically, in this session, attendees will learn:…


Ask the Experts

Ballroom Salon III

In Ask the Experts, speakers are invited back on stage to interact with the audience in a dynamic question and answer session. Attendees are encouraged to engage with the speakers on people management topics, generate questions and share ideas.