Jennifer Ellert Trzepacz

Rocket Fuel

Jennifer Trzepacz is the senior vice president of employee success at Rocket Fuel where she oversees all aspects of their recruiting, employee engagement and development, people operations and communications. Trzepacz has more than 20 years of experience implementing human resources strategies at several transformative and industry-leading companies, including LivingSocial, Salesforce, Electronic Arts, Yahoo, and CNET Networks. As vice president of human resources at LivingSocial, Trzepacz led a massive global expansion, onboarding more than 2,500 employees within a six-month period. While at Salesforce, she evaluated, selected, and implemented various talent-management systems, resulting in increased alignment and performance. As vice president of business operations at Yahoo, Trzepacz enabled day-to-day operations for the Yahoo Media Group. Trzepacz holds a bachelor of arts in business administration from Bryant University and an MBA from Simmons School of Management.

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How to Create a Compelling Employer Brand During Difficult Times

Ballroom Salon III

Even the best companies go through difficult times. Whether it’s customer turnover, a product miss, bad press, competitive disruption, shaken shareholder confidence, or a business model pivot, companies still need to attract and retain top talent when the chips are down. As a young company that’s dealt with many of these challenges, Rocket Fuel has maintained…


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Ballroom Salon III

In Ask the Experts, speakers are invited back on stage to interact with the audience in a dynamic question and answer session. Attendees are encouraged to engage with the speakers on people management topics, generate questions and share ideas.