Paul Ardoin


Paul Ardoin has 20 years of experience in enterprise software, and has led high-performing product marketing, strategic programs marketing, and partner marketing teams for small startups as well as large multinational enterprises. He has spoken at financial, real estate, and security events around the world about the importance of putting critical business issues before technology. Ardoin has a bachelor’s degree in English from University of California Santa Barbara.

My Sessions

Raising the Stakes for High Performers

Ballroom Salon III

Employee turnover is inefficient and expensive, and traditional ways of managing employee performance are woefully out of date. Paul Ardoin will reveal techniques to manage high performers that can raise the performance of entire teams, as well as discuss software tools that can help increase employee engagement and retention. During this session, attendees will: Assess…


Ask the Experts

Ballroom Salon III

In Ask the Experts, speakers are invited back on stage to interact with the audience in a dynamic question and answer session. Attendees are encouraged to engage with the speakers on people management topics, generate questions and share ideas.